Since Jesus summed up the entire keeping of God's commands as loving God and loving our neighbors, we believe part of a church's responsibility is to provide pathways for people to live into the mission of God as He reconciles the world to Himself. We believe internal and external opportunities give us the best balance for whole relationships and robust efforts to fulfill God's mission. 

The ENGAGEMENT path we describe below provides an ongoing effort to create simple ways for us to love God and love others.


Intersection Community Church

Intersection Community Church provides opportunities both externally and internally to serve those who gather for our Sunday morning services. Internally, we have a hospitality team, a follow up team, a children's ministry team, a setup/tear down team, a launch team, a discipleship team, a "what else am I missing" team. Externally, we will help you find ways to serve in your normal rhythms of life at work, in your leisure, or in your neighborhood. Email us HERE to get started.


Ransburg YMCA

We meet at the Ransburg YMCA and as partners we have many opportunities to volunteer and serve in the programming of Ransburg YMCA. We would love to connect you even more with our Y. This provides us with another path to love God and love our neighbors.

For YMCA volunteer opportunities, you can start here:


Shepherd Community Center

Shepherd Community Church and Shepherd Community Center play an important part in the life of Intersection Community Church at the Ransburg YMCA. Shepherd is our spiritual mother as we are a church plant from there. This close relationship provides many opportunities to serve our neighbors in mentoring children, serving meals, working in urban gardening and farming,  working in community meetings, a free health care clinic, a classroom, a food pantry, or a food co-op.

We would love to help you engage in breaking the cycle of poverty on the Eastside of Indy. You can start here: