Intersection Community Church at the Ransburg YMCA is on mission when we make disciples in community at the intersection of Christ and culture.

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A disciple is a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, who is living a life increasingly centered around a loving relationship with Him. This life is simply lived out in loving God and our neighbors. We are committed to introducing Jesus Christ to others, teaching His ways and living life authentically wherever we are.

Together. God is a community, revealed to us as Father, Son, Spirit. The known story of God is a story of community experienced, community lost, and now the continuing story of His long reach toward community restored. God invites us into community with Him and moves us to pursue community with each other. 

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We believe God has called us to lovingly and fully intersect our culture with Christ. Just like the disciples in the book of Acts were sent to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and into the rest of the world, we start with our "Jerusalem," Ransburg YMCA. From there the Holy Spirit beckons us to extend the love and message of Christ to intersect the culture of the Eastgate neighborhood, communities of the 46219 zip code, the Eastside of Indianapolis and beyond.