Allen Southerland  Lead Pastor

Allen Southerland

Lead Pastor


My parents took me to church from the first week after I was born. They were pastors, planting churches or in church leadership all my life and I'm blessed to be able to continue to learn from their years of experience. 

I'll never forget when I first became aware that despite their relationship with Christ I was hopelessly lost in my own desires, ambitions, and sinfulness. Jesus showed me how desperately I needed Him to transform my life from the inside out. He still continues to help me grow in knowing and becoming more like Him.

Whether on the golf course, hiking in a state or a national park, sweating in the workout room, or thinking in the board room, I draw strength from being around people. I especially enjoy the many family activities with my wife, Rachel, our six children, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren. God continually teaches me about character in these relationships.

We've always dreamed of a church that refused to waste energy fighting against unknown cultural enemies and simply followed God's Spirit where He was already at work. To live out the good news of the Christ-life in deep relational community with others--both in leadership and in all of us following Christ together--is a dream we are seeing fulfilled as we share life with a team of gifted leaders and our friends in the Ransburg YMCA and the 46219 community.


I fell in love with Jesus as a child, confessed my sins and placed my trust in Him. This was the beginning of a wonderful transformational journey in my life. Jesus has given my life purpose and vision.

His purpose for me is to be a pastor. I love preaching, teaching and sharing with anyone who will listen about the life transformation God gives through Jesus to anyone willing to take Him up on the offer.

For those who have been transformed, Jesus gave a visionary call to "go and make disciples". He set the example, lived out this call and expressed it by leading people into relationship with Himself and training a small group of followers in one-on-one relationship to carry on the call. His vision for my life is to help create spaces where life transformation in Jesus Christ can be realized, discipleship and mentoring are a way of life for the body of Christ and leaders are given a place to learn and flourish.

Simply put, I am a transformed child of God, living my God-given purpose and vision wherever the Holy Spirit leads.

Angela Alvarado  Transformation Pastor

Angela Alvarado

Transformation Pastor

Steven Alvarado  Executive Pastor

Steven Alvarado

Executive Pastor


I did not get serious about my faith walk until college. I grew up in church but church never influenced my world view until as a freshman in college I attended the Fall revival. Until this point people were only good for what I could get from them. Headed to an altar of prayer, I realized I was only good if my heart and life could be given to Him. 

My passions are strategic planning, operations, and leading like Jesus. Managing and mentoring are natural outflows of my personality.

I am living out my calling by testifying to the fact every man, woman and child realizes their greatest and highest value when life is daily lived for Jesus! And if I can get you to smile, at some point in our conversation-SCORE!